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Julia Taylor Draves

I almost didn't come to the 50th reunion. I had not been to any of the others. I live far away, my life was too busy. I had a thousand reasons why it was not something I would do. But then, there was Bruce Washburn. He kept bugging me. I come to N.C. often, in reality. All my family is there. And then my husband started in. "You will enjoy it," he said. If you go and don't like it, just leave.

So I decided to come. It was one of the best decisions I have made--ever. Not only did I not walk in and leave. I didn't WANT to leave. Ever. And I don't want the connections that were re-established to ever fade.

Our class was always unique. We were the first graduates of Enloe. We did her proud then, and we do her proud now. Our class was blessed by the opportunity to engage with some extraordinary educators. We set the tone for how to embrace diversity in the first integrated high school in Raleigh.

George Kahdy and his colleagues told us we were leaders, and we believed him, and we became leaders. At the 50-year reunion, he still spoke of leadership, and challenged us still to remember that leading is our obligation. He was not going to let us off the hook. He is still leading at 91, so we have no excuses.

Many of you will remember hanging out in the drugstore at Longview after school, drinking Cherry Coke (my favorite at the time), and being kids. I hope this blog will become our virtual Longview Soda Fountain. Let's hang out here.

This can be a place to share our memories, our journey, and our dreams (yes, we still have them). I'm looking forward to seeing you all here "after school."

Here's an interesting post on why it is important to reconnect with old friends:

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